Exiles and Tribulations Roleplaying Persistent WorldEdit

Exiles & Tribulations is an online persistent world for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

The server was built as a place for both new players and hard-core survivalists to band together and explore a world rich with hidden secrets and hair-raising encounters.

The overall theme of the game world is very dark in nature with hints of satire while gameplay is high in hack'n'slash as well as opportunities for roleplaying.

New players do not need to have a strong knowledge of Roleplaying but are expected not to break the immersion of other players.

New characters have a choice of five different legacies. Your legacy which affect where you spawn each reset as well as your relations with different groups of NPC's. Exile and Brigden legacies have been temporarily disabled in order to centralize the playerbase.

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Workshop Files Edit

Note: NwSync does not support music files. Certain areas have custom music which will not be played unless you download the above files.

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Deities Edit

  • Forgotten Realms Adopted - All forgotten realms deities are available in this setting (they would have been brought over by 'Reborn' adventurers)
  • Anthem Grown - Native 'Rhoomeri' tribe of hin follow the diety of 'Rhoom', a colossal fungal monstrosity they believe is destined to extinguish all life.

Connection Details Edit

  • (server upgraded 13/09/2018)

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